How To Divide Personal Property During A Divorce
You’ve been married 20 years or even just a few, either way you’ve accumulated, some things, and by Some things I mean a lot of stuff!  What do you do […] Read more ›
What To Wear At A Divorce Trial?
  What To Wear At a Divorce Trial | This may seem like a silly post, I mean, what to wear at a divorce trial? Can your really write a […] Read more ›
What Is A Temporary Relief Hearing?
One of my more popular posts to help explain a relief or temporary relief hearing Updated for 2016. A Temporary Relief Hearing is a hearing where you can request relief, […] Read more ›
Mortgages and Divorce
What To Do With The Mortgage In The Divorce? Mortgage and Divorce | Many people who get divorced have a mortgage on their house and this can cause some problems during […] Read more ›
Question: Does Physical Abuse Matter When Determining Custody?
YouTube So… does abuse really matter when it comes to determining custody in the state of Minnesota? The short answer is yes, it does, however, the type of abuse also […] Read more ›
When Do I Start The Divorce?
When Do I Call A Divorce Lawyer? This is always a tough question to answer because, believe it or not, I’m not happy when people get divorced! Yes, I know […] Read more ›
Attorney Fees in a Minnesota Divorce
Tired of Paying for the “Pleasure” of Divorcing? How to Recover Attorney Fees in Minnesota Divorce cases For a variety of reasons, most states in America follow what is called the […] Read more ›
Primer On “No-Fault Divorce”
What is No-Fault Divorce? When you plan to get divorced, there are several questions that fill up your mind. A divorce will bring cause great change in your personal life. […] Read more ›
What If You Can’t Afford A Divorce (Lawyer)?
With the economy down lately it’s fairly common I get a several calls during a week from people seeking a divorce, but they say they can’t afford it and just […] Read more ›
Dividing Farm Land In A Minnesota Divorce
I’ve discussed farm divorces before in this blog and while there are some unique issues during farm divorces, there are somegeneral principles regarding the division of farm land (also real […] Read more ›
Are Minnesota Courts Biased Against Fathers In Custody Decisions?
Are courts biased against fathers in custody decisions? Following a divorce in Minnesota, courts are required to make many decisions about who gets custody of the kids based on the […] Read more ›
2 Year Waiting Period For A Divorce!?!?
You can count on some strange laws being proposed every election cycle and 2012 is no different.  A law has been proposed in the Minnesota Senate last week to 1) […] Read more ›
How Can I Save Money On My Divorce?   (secret contained below!)
Divorce On The Cheap In Minnesota Save Money During Divorce | Your relationship with your spouse has hit the point of no return, and you know you can’t work it […] Read more ›
Minnesota Divorce, Alternative-Style!
Arbitration | What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word “divorce”? For many people, it’s a lawyer. And for good I reason–in most circumstances, […] Read more ›
Can I Change My Judge In A Minnesota Divorce Case?
In Minnesota, you cannot “pick” your Judge for your divorce case, but you can remove the Judge, once, very easily. The rule is Minn. R. Civ. Procedure 63.03 . As […] Read more ›

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