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Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state, but that does not mean there will not be conflict. We have lots of blog posts on the site about many different scenarios including military divorce and farm divorce.


There are two types of child custody in Minnesota, physical custody and legal custody. However, parents may also share custody which is known as “joint” custody.” Residency in Minnesota also is a factor as well.


When your dealing with finances in a child support or spousal support matter, there a number of aspects that will need to be reviewed not to mention the big change for child support rolled out in 2018.


It wouldn’t be a legal website without a disclaimer would it?  So here it is, this site is supplied for general information and its not intended to give any sort of legal advice.  As much as Google would have you believe it, Google is not a substitute for a licensed Minnesota attorney and you can’t get your law degree from Google (yet).

As you know, there is a lot of questionable and outdated advice on the internet and this site is really no different (the outdated part not the questionable part).  Some of the older posts may cite laws that have been changed or repealed and that is why you need to do your research and if needed, hire a good Minnesota Family Lawyer.