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What is the MankatoFamilyLaw.com Blog?

History Of MankatoFamilyLaw.com Blog

My name is Jason Kohlmeyer, and since 2000, I have dedicated my legal career to the field of family law. My experience spans a wide range of cases, including divorce, custody, and adoption. I understand the complexities involved in family law, particularly as it pertains to the unique challenges faced by individuals in our local communities, from small business owners to farmers.

Throughout my career, I’ve encountered a recurring theme: clients have the same concerns and questions, regardless of the specifics of their case. This includes issues related to the division of property, alimony, child support, and the future of family-owned businesses and agricultural operations.

After about a decade, I thought it might be nice if I could create something that had most of the answers to the questions I get on a near-daily basis. So, I decided to create a Blog where not only my clients but anyone seeking guidance on Minnesota Family laws could find (hopefully) valuable information

In 2013, I launched this website with the goal of the blog being a comprehensive resource for family law matters. It has evolved significantly since its inception,  featuring over 170 blog posts(since 2023), I’ve written most of them, but I’ve had a few good contributions from guest writers, various resources, and even an informative video or two!

Man writing a legal blog
Ok, it’s not me! But I feel like it could be!

Purpose Of The Family Law Blog

The purpose of the MankatoFamilyLaw.com blog is to create a dedicated space hoping to demystify the complex world of family law for those navigating through these challenging times. My mission is to provide clear, concise, and practical answers to the myriad of questions that arise during divorce proceedings, custody battles, and other family law-related issues. This site serves as a beacon, guiding you through the fog of legal uncertainties, from untangling the web of post-dissolution matters to navigating the complexities of alimony adjustments.

What this is not is a sales pitch.  This blog is here to help you, you hire us great! If not, no problem. I’ve noticed that nearly all the websites dedicated to family law are focused on either telling you how smart that person OR telling you need a lawyer.  That’s not this blog.  I think you’ll find that many, many, many blog posts say you don’t need a lawyer! Instead, It’s supposed to point you in the right direction and genuinely help you.

At the heart of our website are the blog posts, created with the intention of addressing the recurring questions that so many people have during a family law event. Drawing from over 20 years of family law experience, I’ve written the majority of these posts, each one a reflection of the countless times I’ve been approached with similar concerns. My posts are really made with the desire to cut through the legal jargon, offering straightforward, commonsense advice that resonates with the real case you are probably dealing with. The goal here is not to show how smart I am or convince you to hire me. In fact, I find myself in the fortunate position of selecting the clients I represent, often having the luxury of choosing those cases that truly resonate with me or where I feel I can make the most significant impact.

Finally, this blog is for you—the individual seeking answers to questions that may seem overwhelming or insurmountable. Whether you’ve encountered these challenges once or find yourself facing them for the umpteenth time, my aim is to provide a resource that offers not just answers, but clarity and direction. Consider these posts as your starting point, a second opinion, or simply a beacon to begin navigating the complexities of your family law issues.

Through this blog, we hope to empower you with knowledge, providing a foundation upon which you can start to address your legal concerns. It’s a place for you to gain insights, find reassurance, and perhaps most importantly, begin the process of solving your family law dilemmas with confidence.