Getting divorced is not a pleasant experience.  There is no way around that, but here are a few resources that you might find helpful for you to understand the whole family law process in Minnesota.

Minnesota Family Law Resources

  • Minnesota Court Website : The Minnesota Court System website that provides a great deal of information, including forms, information about judges and how to file certain simple legal forms.
  • Minnesota Case Information (MNCIS):  Want to find out someone’s criminal record (for free)? This is the place.  You can also check on civil and family law cases.
  • Parents Forever:  Ordered to take the Parenting class? this site tells you exactly what it is.
  • a great resource to help minimize future conflict during and after divorce and custody cases involving children.
  • SMRLS (often called Legal Aid) contact them if you are below the poverty line and do not have assets available to help pay for a private divorce lawyer.
  • Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office

Mental Health Resources

Transitions Mediation & Counsel, An interesting newer concept called discernment counseling to help determine if you really should be getting divorced.