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7 Things To Do BEFORE You File For Divorce In Minnesota (being proactive!)

7 Things

Are you contemplating if you should file for divorce? I’m sorry to hear that, but if you do decide to get a divorce here are 7 tips that should help you make the process smoother.

1. Make a Plan

Where will you live? Taking the kids with you? Who’s moving the furniture?  All basic questions that you should answer before you file or move out.  If you don’t it can make it harder to get what you want later
on. Also, your lawyer will ask you what and if you don’t know it can make a divorce more expensive.

2. Prepare a Budget

Actually write out a budget that you  will follow using your new single income. It will be depressing but you need to do it otherwise you are setting yourself up financial failure down the road that could end in bankruptcy and home foreclosure. Don’t get too stressed out with this, but be sure to factor in all your expenses.

3. Run a Credit Report

Get your free credit report and see if your spouse has secured debt that you may not know about. This will also help your divorce lawyer with your financial picture.  There is nothing harder than trying to divide debt that may or may not exist.

4. Open a New Checking Account at a New Bank

Start a new checking account at a different bank than your current bank.  Why? Many banks have lax security when it comes to accounts and married people they share info and access far too easily.  Don’t risk it start a new account at a bank your spouse doesn’t know about.

In Minnesota your divorce lawyer will need your legal description when you file for divorce, get the info now and have it ready when you meet with your potential Minnesota Divorce Lawyer.

6. Go and Meet with a Few Divorce Lawyers

You don’t want to be scrambling to find a divorce lawyer when the time comes.  Go meet them, get the intake packet and tell them what your plans are.  Most of us are very busy and if we are too busy we will turn a new case away, don’t let that be you.

7. Try Counseling

What? Did a divorce lawyer just tell me to try marriage counseling? Yes I did.  I believe that many (but not all) divorces can be avoided.  Talk to your spouse, try counseling if you do it might just save your marriage.

Ok, there you go. A few basic tips about what to do before you file for divorce. As you can see it’s mostly common sense and getting prepared.

Thanks for reading, any comments feel free to post them below or go and check out my other Minnesota family law site that has some great tips!

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