What is ADR really?

ADR, or Alternative Dispute Resolution, is an extremely effective way to settle a case out of court, and save on time and money.  The question becomes, is it right for your case?  ADR includes multiple types, such as mediation, arbitration, and neutral evaluation, and depending on the facts of your case, each type has its own merits.

Which form of ADR is best?

The truth is that none of the “types” of ADR are the best, as each type is uniquely fitted for different situations.  For example, in mediation, an unbiased person is hired as a “mediator”, someone who can act as a peacemaker for both parties in order to come to a unified resolution.  This can be extremely useful in cases where emotions make direct communication unproductive.  However, mediation can also be extremely ineffective, such as when one party doesn’t want to cooperate, or has a significant advantage over the other.


  • Come to a resolution together
  • Find a middle ground
  • Emotions set aside


  • Both sides want a third party to decide
  • Avoid expense and time of a trial
  • If the case is more complex

Neutral Evaluation

  • Extremely technical issues
  • Amount of damages is at question
  • Expertise required

Why should I care?

ADR is simple and effective, and it is quickly becoming the standard for multiple forms of legal cases, as many states now require ADR before a case can go to court.  You might ask why, but if you’ve been reading up till this point you already have your answer.  If you’re still not convinced though, take a look below to see just how much money divorce alone is costing us every single year:

In this post I talked about Facebook and other social media being potential causes of divorce, and while they certainly aren’t the only cause, they do contribute to the cause in many cases, and it is something that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

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