How To Divide Personal Property During A Divorce
You’ve been married 20 years or even just a few, either way you’ve accumulated, some things, and by Some things I mean a lot of stuff!  What do you do […] Read more ›
You’re Fired! or Why Did My Lawyer Withdraw From My Case?
My Lawyer Just Fired Me? Every once in a while I get a call from a potential client who says their lawyer “fired” . Well, it’s true in divorce cases […] Read more ›
How To Testify At Trial (Part 2)
How To Answer Questions At Trial So, you’ve identified what type of witness you are and you know you want to be right in the middle, so now what? What […] Read more ›
How To Testify At Your Trial
Testifying Tips or How To Testify  (Part 1) Most people get pretty nervous when they learn they have to testify at a trial. Many people think it’s just like the […] Read more ›
5 Big (And Common) Mistakes People Make In A Divorce.
  An update of  one of my more popular posts, enjoy! 5 BIG DIVORCE MISTAKES As a divorce lawyer I get to see good people at their worst, and I […] Read more ›
Did I Get A Fair Divorce Settlement?
Can a divorce lawyer tell you in a few minutes if he or she think you got a good divorce settlement? The short answer is no, here are 3 reasons why not. Read more ›
UPDATE: 5-31-2017 What is the difference between Divorce and Legal Separation In Minnesota | This is such a common question I thought I would start out the blog by answering […] Read more ›
Time For A Change: How To Move When You Have Custody
Introduction How did moving become so complicated the older we got?  In our early 20s we moved by packing up a few bags and shoving any straggler items into the […] Read more ›
Death Of A Legend: The Kirby Puckett Divorce.
A Look Back at Minnesota Twin Kirby Puckett’s Divorce It was 10 years ago this past month or so, that Minnesota Twins Fans woke up and learned that their favorite […] Read more ›
Making Custody Arrangements Work at a Special Time of Year
Note: Dear Reader, your author has been in a nearly 2 week long family law trial that has taken a great deal of time prepping for.  I thought I posted this prior […] Read more ›
Attorney Fees in a Minnesota Divorce
Tired of Paying for the “Pleasure” of Divorcing? How to Recover Attorney Fees in Minnesota Divorce cases For a variety of reasons, most states in America follow what is called the […] Read more ›
What If You Can’t Afford A Divorce (Lawyer)?
With the economy down lately it’s fairly common I get a several calls during a week from people seeking a divorce, but they say they can’t afford it and just […] Read more ›
Mediation & Divorce
Mediation and Divorce| In Minnesota the rules for family law require you to at least contemplate mediation prior to filing motions and going to court. The new rules now (Rule […] Read more ›
How To Handle Those Mother’s and Father’s Day After the Divorce
We are now officially in Mother’s and Father’s Day season in Minnesota. Normally a time of finding dad that perfect tie or T-shirt or finding mom the new waffle iron […] Read more ›
Divorce and Suicide
Divorce and Suicide | Today I learned one of my former family law clients killed himself. He had a 3 year old son. The reason I thought I would share […] Read more ›

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