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Brendan Fraser Broke Due To Alimony?

Brendan Fraser Broke?

It looks like it just might be that America’s favorite frozen caveman, Brendan Fraser, might very well be broke do to his family law situation. According to reports (and yes I’ll be the first to admit that Wetpaint.com does not have the same journalistic chops as NY Times)

Mr. Fraser is trying to reduce his alimony and child support payment.

Apparently he is paying over $900,000 to his ex-wife and his three sons. It’s was a ten year marriage (from 1998-2008) and if you recall, Mr. Fraser was a darling of Hollywood in the early 2000’s e with such classics as Sindbad, The Mummy franchise, Dudley Do-Right, BeDazzaled and Monkey Bone!

Since then it looks like the actor has had a dip in income (and after doing The Fairly Odd Parents voiceover is it a surprise?) and is asking the Court to lower both child support and alimony.

What will the court do? While I’m not a California lawyer I can say that in Minnesota even if he isn’t commanding Encino Man money, he probably is making more than $15,000 a month (the approximate cap on child support monthly income) in which case even if he dropped from say…$100K per month of income down to $50K per month, he is still so far above the maximum it wouldn’t matter. However, (and isn’t there always a however) if he agreed to pay above guideline child support based on special circumstances and being a movie start qualifies, it may not matter.

As for the Alimony, if this was done in Minnesota I would suspect a Karon waiver was used, remember that a Karon waiver is a legal tool used to make a bulletproof alimony agreement.

There you go, a quick look at some other folks going through the divorce/family law system.

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