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Why Most People Don’t Like Divorce Lawyers

As I’m nearing my 100th post here at www.Mankatofamilylaw.com and thought rather than the traditional (and I’ll admit sometimes a bit boring) answer to common family law questions, I thought I’d write a little different piece, but one that might still be useful to people going through a divorce.

With that said, I’ve put together my list of why people don’t like divorce lawyer! (feel free to post comments to add to it!)

  1. Divorce is often the low point in a person’s life:  Often times divorce can lead to mental health issues or unfortunately even suicide.  This means people can be unreasonable are very agitated and generally in a bad mood.  I don’t blame them one bit for this and often since this is such a horrific part of their lives, they  tend to associate their divorce lawyer with those feelings.
  2. Divorce lawyers give bad news:  Good divorce lawyers often have to have very direct discussions with clients, these talks often result in giving very bad news, such as your odds of winning at trial are not very good, what the client is asking for the Judge will not or cannot order.  I think your divorce lawyer needs to be a straight shooter, BUT most people (me included) don’t like to be told bad news.
  3. Lawyers are expensive:  A good divorce costs hundreds of dollars an hour, is this right or fair? Well, that’s the subject of another post, but the fact remains getting divorced is expensive.  If you are not the one asking of for the divorce then you get the “honor” of paying your lawyer thousands of dollars when you don’t even want to get divorced!  I don’t blame people for being annoyed with the whole process.
  4. Divorce lawyers don’t win every case: It’s true even the finest lawyer in the world has not won every case he or she has had.  Any lawyer who says otherwise is simply….lying.  Clarence Darrow lost the Pendergrast murder trial, Johnny Cochran lost the Deadwyler murder case, and I could go on and on.  The point is, you may lose a case or a portion of a case, even if your lawyer did nothing wrong.

There you go, my short list of why people tend to dislike divorce lawyers.  I’d love to hear your comments!

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