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Many divorce lawyers present themselves with the “bulldog” image, claiming they will fight to the death over every issue. We avoid this approach, not because we are afraid to fight, but because this approach doesn’t always work. If you are disputing with your ex-spouse over the living situation of your children, you need a legal team that will help solve problems, not create them.

At the Kohlmeyer & Hagen Law Office, we solve child custody and visitation problems.

A Unique Approach – Our Mankato child custody lawyers focus on finding solutions; sometimes this involves mediation and other times we go have to go to court. We will fight your cause aggressively in litigation if there is no other solution, but usually there is, and we can find it.

Equal Rights | Parenting Plans

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that there is no automatic presumption in favor of one parent or the other regarding child custody. Most people assume that, barring exceptional circumstances, the mother will automatically get custody of the children. This is not the case anymore. The court is focusing more on “parenting plans,” in which the mother and father have a fairly equal chance for physical custody (where the child is housed) and shared legal custody (making important decisions regarding the child).

Whether you are a mother or father facing a child custody dispute, we will help you negotiate an equitable parenting plan regarding your children.

Grandparents’ Rights in Minnesota

Another important issue in child custody proceedings involves the rights of grandparents in the parenting plans. In many cases, grandparents end up having a large part of their grandchildren’s upbringing, especially during the tumultuous times as the parents are beginning divorce proceedings. They often feel that they deserve at least visitation privileges, if not sole physical custody if the parents are unfit, after helping with the rearing of the children.

We represent grandparents and parents in custody/visitation disputes involving grandparents.

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