Legal Support Staff

Legal Staff Are Critical To A Successful Case

Like a surgeon in the operating room, Family Lawyers can’t do it all by themselves, they need support staff. The support staff for the attorney you hire is often as important as the attorney themselves. Generally there are two type of legal support staff: legal assistants and paralegals.

Legal assistants are sometimes called legal secretaries, however they have specialized training in basic legal process and document creation.  Paralegals have extensive training (often a 4 year degree) and experience in drafting complex legal documents and assist in preparing trial exhibits.

This is why at Rosengren Kohlmeyer, Law Office we believe that the paralegals and legal assistants play as an important role in the case at the attorney.  Here are a few of our staffers:

picture of Diana Brauch





Focusing solely on family law, Diana has learned how to handle the most delicate family law problem in a caring and compassionate way.  She has worked with Jason Kohlmeyer the majority of her 20 years of practice and lives up to the joke that Jason makes when he says “Most clients like Diana more than me!”

A resident of the Mankato Area, Diana comes from Delavan, Minnesota and is a graduate of South Central College located in North Mankato, Minnesota.  She enjoys camping, spending time with her daughter, and is a salt water fish enthusiast.  Diana can be reached via email HERE